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About A FiFO Author 

Michael Martucci 

Michael ‘Tucci’ Martucci is the younger son out of two boys and travels weekly to a remote mine site in outback South Australia. He has been working in mining for four years as a Health and Safety Specialist following in his father’s footsteps, who worked as a FIFO in the oil and gas industry.


Michael’s biggest accomplishments are travelling solo around Australia on his motorcycle in his off week and writing Mining and Me on a plane flight home. Michael is not Michael without his terribly punny jokes, and his never-ending effort to paint like Bob Ross whilst trying maintain a garden without knowing how to. Nevertheless, he continues to try and be the best he can be.


Being a part of a FIFO family, Michael tries to balance work and life, spending most of his time at a café with his friends and family at the expense of having his senses being overloaded with caffeine. To him, nothing is more important than always coming back home to maintain relationships with his family and friends, something he has realised is the most important thing as he began getting older.

Bookwood Illustrators

Naya and Kostya Lazarev

Naya and Kostya Lazareva are a duo of illustrators. Their skills round each other out, creating picture books of love and magic. As a child, Naya decided to become an illustrator of children’s books. Since then she has been mastering her watercolor technique, hoping to shape people’s perception of the world from a very young age. As a professional art conservator, Kostya always has some tips and tricks to improve his wife’s technique.


Reviewing the results of their collaboration on Cody the Pony, they decided to work together. In her spare time, Naya teaches children to use their imagination while creating their first pictures, and Kostya masters his skills as an art conservator-restorer. Together they are Bookwood Illustrators, a couple that dedicate their life to art and creativity.

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